Net 10 Phones - The wireless industry's best brand-name handset models.

Net 10 Wireless - Reliable service network and great customer satisfaction.

Forget about one-sided contracts. Forget about crazy and confusing prepaid schemes. Get Net 10 today and you'll never have to worry about paying too much or living with poor service again!

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This stylish handset is a very popular item because it’s small, reliable, includes a vivid color screen, and is value priced at only $19.99! Through our current special you’ll also get 300 minutes of airtime and 60 days of network service.

Motorola c139

Other benefits of this model include:

  • text message capable
  • 6 hour battery talk time
  • Calculator, currency converter, alarm clock, & stop watch
  • preloaded games
  • 20 pre-loaded ringtones with other downloads available
  • ultra light: just 2.8 ounces!

Only with Net 10 can you get this great phone PLUS 300 minutes of airtime and 60 days of service for only $19.99.

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Recently Net 10 changed it’s long-standing policy on minimum airtime purchases. Users can now spend as little as $20 each time they need to reload minutes!

These $20 airtime packages can be acquired in card form, or conveniently online. In addition to 200 minutes of airtime (or 400 text messages) your $20 package will extend your prepaid service for another 30 days.

Net 10 understands that for many people every dollar counts right now. And they’ve risen to the challenge of staying ahead of the customer service curve by giving their users one more way to save a few bucks.

To get your Net 10 Phone with 300 minutes of air time click here now.

Net 10 Phones put the control in your hands. There are no contracts, no hard to understand rates, and no monthly obligations. 

Every phone comes with 300 minutes of air time. And Net 10 Phones are available in Nokia, Motorolla, and other other top brand names.

With your new Net 10 phone you’ll be able to talk, text, take and send pics, and even access the Web. You’ll get all the benefits of an expensive service, including great reception and coverage, for a fraction of the price.

And when you buy new air time you’ll be purchasing direct minutes. your balance will always be displayed in the form of minutes, and not in dollar amounts. So you’ll always know exactly how much time you have remaining.

Net 10 has forever changed the way prepaid wireless works. This is without a doubt the easiest, most hassle free, and least expensive way to own a cell phone.

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